What is SoMoLoCo, and Why is it Important?

The New Industry Created Around it


SoMoLoCo stands for Social, Mobile, Local and Content Marketing. Some months ago it was mentioned in various blogs, but I cannot say who 'invented' the acronym. If I knew, I would definitely credit that person for it, because I really like the term. It represents those four pillars of digital marketing that form the basis for a fairly new industry that has been developing for approximately 6-8 years.

Many in this industry call themselves "Local Internet Marketers"; others call themselves "Offline Marketers". Google categorizes them as "Advertising Agencies". Who are these professionals, and what, exactly, do they do?

Well, for the most part, their sole reason for being is to help small business owners in small towns and large cities everywhere in the world catch up on their marketing - to take advantage of the opportunities provided them by the Internet and Mobile innovations! By now, since most consumers adapted a few years ago, this adaptation is very simply a  basic and probably much more important customer service issue than you've imagined.

This industry held its' first large convention in October of 2013, yet most small local business owners are still unaware that help is available to them through its professional members. Many who have been made aware, shrink from modernizing to new technology, like in the Target security breach last year. Both business and consumers are still suffering because of this attachment to the status quo.

But not YOU, right? Now that you know,  and since you're reading this, you understand the importance of updating your marketing to align with consumer behavior and the cultural changes we're seeing that stem from it. Unlike many, you realize it's 'not just the economy' that causes a slow-down in revenue. Even if you thought that was the case before you'd read this, you'll now be making it a priority to call your Local Internet Marketer and ask for their help.

You may already use at least one social media platform and you probably have a website, but does it surprise you to learn there's more to achieving an adequate digital presence than that? Many local business owners are still unaware of the fact that Local Marketing is so very important . . . but, after all it's all about getting FOUND! It gets your business found when a prospective customer types in your category of business and location in a search bar. Approximately 70% of the time, that means Google.

And, you also need to be found and have an easy-to-use presence on mobile devices. Mobile Marketing is a great way to stay engaged with your customers while providing them with the convenience of all that it offers. Most consumers spend a ton of time on a mobile device, and they expect businesses to accomodate them with easy access.

But, many times prospective customers, loan officers, and others look up a business by entering the name of the owner, instead of the category and location of a business. That, of course is all well and good - if they find plenty of great Content written (or ghostwritten) by or reported upon about you! Some of that will be information you've written to educate potential clients. Other content will demonstrate who you are, what you've accomplished, and will include news about you and your business. With the right strategy in place they'll see others calling you the local expert, which puts you head and shoulders above your local competitors!

One of the greatest opportunities today is that anyone with the desire or the need can become very well known as an authority in what they do. Gone are the days when you could attract a profitable clientele just by "quietly existing" on the corner of State and Main, anywhere! Globally . . . competition has multiplied too fast. But, fortunately, anyone can now inexpensively publish information demonstrating their level of expertise. Information that adds value to the reader.

And, anyone can publish a book, often referred to as "the ultimate business card". Competition between national media networks has meant that it's much more within the realm of possibility to be featured on TV, radio, and in print magazines. You may think simply being an author, let alone a Best Selling Author, is beyond the realm of possibility financially and realistically, but it's definitely NOT! How big can you dream?

These are just a few of the accomplishments Local Internet Marketers are equipped to help you achieve, and there are many more!

Since you've read all the way through this article, there is no doubt you understand how important it is for you to get in touch with a Local Internet Marketer today and ask them what you can do to get started "playing a bigger game".

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