The Cardinal Sin Most Businesses Are

Committing With QR Codes

Everyone's fascinated with QR Codes . . . they're unique, fun, and pretty fascinating, too. Many businesses, wishing to demonstrate their savvy innovative side are using them, too. Problem is, if they keep on doing it, QR codes will dramatically lose favor. Why? They're not being used according to their initial purpose, and consumers will become tired of scanning them!

So, what's the problem?  It's simple, QR Codes are a mobile tool! You may think you're using them for that purpose, but think again! The person scanning your code is doing so from a mobile device, very possibly with a screen no more than a couple of inches in size. And what are they finding as a result of that scan? Please, tell me it's Not Your Desktop Website!  After all, the difference in size between a desktop website and a smartphone screen is pretty dramatic. It's not your fault, this was done even by some marketers and website designers when QR Codes were first introduced.

Well known mobile marketing expert Kim Dushinski uses the analogy of putting a watermelon into a garden hose to describe the experience of navigating a desktop website from a small mobile screen. It's very fitting. Never do this again, please! There's no way around it, billions of people around the world are looking at websites from their mobile devices - you simply must "mobilize" your website - this can be done with a responsive website software program (your webmaster will know about it and can make the necessary changes). It can also be done by providing a simple "just the facts" mobile site that has your phone number (in easy 'click-to-call; format) a map and directions page, a link to the most useful information on your desktop site (made to fit a mobile screen - example - menu), and your hours of operation. We provide this type of site, and include an app that your customer can download to their mobile screen for even easier access to you. This simple app can be promoted within your store and throughout all your marketing efforts.

When you have content to share that is optimized for mobile, please go ahead - use QR Codes liberally - your customers will love you for it. What they don't love or appreciate (supported by multiple surveys) is the need to scroll back and forth, pinching and tapping while dealing with teensy worthless navigation links, and wasting their valuable time trying to find where you're located, whether you're open at the time, and how to call you. They're busy people with multiple priorities. Surveys have shown time and time again - consumers don't stick around long when these types of difficulties appear, they just move on to your competitor. You'll probably never hear about it, but your profits will be down . . . and not because of the economy. This doesn't have to happen. 

A complete brochure site, though you can certainly have one that rearranges your content to fit mobile screens, isn't something mobile users are normally searching for while they're out and about-and ready to buy. Plus, the number of graphics notoriously included on a desktop site will usually slow down the loading time on a mobile device - this encourages 'abandonent', since mobile users are all about speedy results. If you can do only one, opt for the basic model, as it is so much more compatible for 'fat thumbs'. Using our mobile marketing platform gives you the bookmark app, too, which is popular with consumers. From that platform, you can easily move into your first mobile marketing campaign when you're ready. Hopefully, you'll try to do so before any of your competitors in order to establish your leadership in the community.

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